Battle of Kent 5


HKA took 18 of its fittest fighters to Gillingham’s Battle of Kent for the year’s second semi-contact show.

The event which attracts participants from many clubs means competition is strong, and for many of the HKA members, it was there first time in the ring.

Gee Denne was the first into the ring with a great start to the day, his overwhelming speed and power saw Gee take control of the fight from start to finish, making yet another strong win for Gee’s record.

Lindsey Ashby, Luke, and Steve Mabb all first timers took to the ring under close supervision from Carl, underwent some hard fought bouts coming out with some equally hard decisions from the judges.

For Lucy Martlew it was her first time in the ring, using her fantastic hand speed, Lucy put her opponent on the back foot straight away and dominated the fight. In the second round Lucy used her legs to full ability to score a great controlled round house to the head, stopping the bout as her competitor was unable to continue, getting Lucy’s first win of the day

In Lucy’s 2nd bout she was able to use her control once again to ensure a clean technical fight, unfortunately, the ref sitting on the fence, called the fight a draw.

For coach Andy Chambers, it was the first time back in the ring for over 4 years, fighting with a broken thumb, he used all his semi contact skills to keep his distance from his opponent, but his fighter, coming in far too heavy was warned a few times by the ref saw Andy lose the bout with an unfair win going to the opposition.

Lorraine Ashby and Curtis Mcdoungh were in next; again both there first time to the ring. With both sadly losing their bouts, due to bias decisions from the ref and awarding the win to local fighters.

Dave Brady, due to fight was sadly withdrawn from the competition with an conscious decision made by Carl, although it was a shame, Dave knew it was best to rest rather than risk further injury.

Coach Ian Jarvis, who managed a great knock down in the first of his rounds drew his bout, after a very hard contest which was made even harder by receiving 2 hard kicks to the groin early on, he battled on in pain, however, the ref called it a draw due to a fairly even fight.

In the afternoon the day turned into an HKA onslaught, Mark Britton, with what can only be described as super hero speed hands received a well earned win for HKA. Whilst Lewis Gaster starting with a well controlled superman punch dictated the fight for the next 3 rounds secured yet another win for HKA.

Matt Braybrook, also first time to the ring managed to show off some great controlled head kicks whilst Will Toal’s first competition under HKA, also demonstrated some of the best semi contact control for a heavy weight fighter Carl has seen for years, secured yet more victory for HKA.

Stuart Bentley always giving away a reach advantage, and Linden Aslett also both having great bouts. Showed just why HKA entered these fighters into the competition.

Amy Campbell starting off strong swamped her fighter from the out set, and as the overwhelmed fighter weakened, Amy lighted up to give her some space, but Amy was just too strong for her opponent, being victorious over her experienced fighter forcing her opponent to give up in the 2nd round.

Finally, coach Ollie Hancock finished the day off was a thunderstorm of kicks for all 3 rounds, his fighter didn’t now what to do as he was left on the run throughout. Giving HKA 8 consecutive wins.

Academy spokesman Debbie Martin said: “The quality of the fighters that are being produced from the academy is outstanding; once again Carl is proving what an excellent instructor he is. HKA continues to grow and representing the martial arts scene in Hastings to the best of its ability.”

HKA instructor Carl Denne, who would like to congratulate everyone who fought added: “At HKA we try and mix a friendly environment with some hard training so everyone enjoys being there, and at the same time we get the best out of our students.

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