Battle of Kent 6


Hastings Kickboxing Academy produced their best record to date,
12 of Carl Denne’s skilled fighters went to Club 442 in Gillingham for the 3rd time this year, to compete in the semi-contact show.

Seph O Gorman debuting for the club, fought fantastically, Dominating from the start recorded a somewhat surprising draw in a fight we believe he actually won. Steve Mabb took two fights on the day and easily won both, using foot sweeps to his greater power in the second fight.

Lorraine Ashby had 2 hard fights during the day against harder opponents resulting in two close fought loses. Also having hard fights were Curtis McDonough and Coach Ian Jarvis, after pushing for all 3 rounds they were just beaten by their opponents at the final bell.

Amy Campbell, as her confidence grows so does her skill, once again completely owning her opponent from the off, gaining her yet another win to her great record. This was also true of Mark Briton who in his normal Tasmanian devil style attack punished his man from start to finish.

Luke Kowalzckipoinski also took a tough fight getting a well earned draw against a local fighter.

Debbie Martin (spoke person) took to the ring for her first time, although fairly nervous before the bought, as soon as the fight began those nerves disappeared and she battled hard against a strong opponent and came out victorious.

Linden Aslett and Matt Braybrook both battled hard and again came home with yet another victory to their names.

The last fighter into the ring, Gee Denne rained supreme again for all 3 rounds by picking his shots with pin point accuracy with his fast punching and a barrage of controlled heads kicks. His opponent didn’t know were to turn, scoring the last win of the day for HKA.

Head Coach Andy Chambers who helped Carl though out on the day, Said “This was a fantastic day for the club, a huge thanks has to go to Carl for all the constant hard work and dedication to the club and fighters making the job easier to get in the ring, everyone worked well as a team to come out with a great group of wins”

Carl “I am extremely proud of all the hard work everyone has put in though the weeks leading up to the show and want it to continue for the rest of the year.”

Out of the 12 fighters HKA received 8 Wins 2 draws.

For more information on Kickboxing with HKA (Sponsored by Zeus gym) contact Carl on 07949 221946, or click here to contact us.

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