HKA goes for England Trials


HKA travelled to Birmingham with 3 of its youngest adult members to try out for the England team with will be travelling to Germany in October to compete in the ICO world series.

Gee Denne 14, Tyler Hughes 16 and Iain Carpenter

17 joined instructor Carl Denne in an intense training session for over 2 hours working on little tips and techniques that will help them against the Europeans later this year. Gee as always was on form and showed why he is going to be a future champion for the town. Tyler and Ian both only been with HKA for under 6 months showed great potential and impressed the England coaches.

Instructor Carl said “I don’t believe in pushing my fighters but when I see great opportunities for my students then I do what I can to help them achieve their dreams. Tyler and Ian haven’t been with me very long but they both show great enthusiasm for the sport and have fantastic skills and this is why I wanted to bring them along.”

The squad train every month together to help build on team moral helping each other learn new skills to give them the best chance of bringing home some championship belts.

Gee has now secured his sponsorship, a massive thank you to William Parker Sports College for becoming the main source to allowing him the chance to fight in Germany in October this year.

William Parker is home to HKA and there 17 classes a week. For more details Hastings kickboxing and how we can help you today or in Helping out with the ICO world tournament please don’t hesitate to contact Carl Denne on 07949 221946

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