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Hastings Kickboxing Academy travelled up to Suffolk on Sunday the 9th December to take part in the last ICO semi contact competition of 2012.


Tan Denne, in his first competition in light contact kickboxing had a demo bout with an older and stronger opponent, and after 3 great rounds of kickboxing, a draw was given. Tan has recently started helping with coaching the club’s younger students and hopes that this will help improve his skills as a coach.

Bethany Denne, Fleur Peoples and Callum Helsdown all had tough bouts on the day all 3 fighters did their very best but not getting the result their way on the final bell.

Carrie Cooper kicks her way to another win this year, overwhelming her fighter with long range and mixed low and high kicks. Although her fighter was strong and didn’t stop pushing forward for 1 second, Cooper came out on top. Carrie now has 10 fights and 6 wins to her name in only 20 months of fighting. “I love my training, I train 6 days  a week and put 100% into every session, I’m now starting to get a few fights under my belt and feel like I’m getting stronger with each one, It helps having Carl their being so motivating and pushing us at every session without fail!” quotes Carrie.

Rafael Hovhannessian was matched against a local man who was older and over 12’’ taller, making for a tough fight, with both young men battling hard and giving everything they had., At the final bell it was a split decision with the judges, with the ref making the final decision and choosing his fighter. “It’s always hard to win against local fighters, but I’m happy with Raf’s performance and this will just make him more determined for the next one” Carl Denne.

Ewan Speer and Mark Briton again both having tough bouts. Ewan won 2nd place down at AKA along with club member Briton who swept his man to the canvas 3 times to great success, beating him in every round. Briton had won 1st place at AKA only 2 weeks ago, both men won their fights.

Richie Davis after coming first, being undefeated 2 weeks ago down at AKA, had his 5th fight and 5th win in light contact kickboxing. From the start of the bout to the final bell Davis looked sharp and on his toes, although his taller opponent used the ring to his advantage and secured his 5th win this year.

“Once again I’m so happy with the members of HKA ,they train so hard, some of them 6 days a week, give up their weekends to travel round the country competing. This was the last show of the year, they all deserve a good rest so they can enjoy the Christmas spirit that is on its way, I would like to thank every single one of them for all their hard work and efforts over the last 12 months, and look forward to a strong and productive 2013,



HKA continues to grow and produce great competitors. At the Academy we also promote anti bulling and healthy living. For more information on kickboxing and how we can help you! Please contact Carl on 07949 221946.

Or visit our new website at www.hastings-kickboxing.co.uk

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