Battle of Kent


Layton glover sims, had 2 fights today, 1 win and 1 draw, after having a hard few weeks away from the gym, he still wanted to get in the ring and do his best, and that he did, winning the first match controlling the whole bout from start to finish, the second bout was against a young man with 14 fights to his name, (layton only his 4th) both lads where very strong, game and didn’t give an inch for all 3 rounds, the final decision was a well earned draw. Layton has only been fighting for less than 6 months and is now unbeaten in 3 and his first draw today, He has had a few things going on in the back round but yet still manages to train hard and put 110% in the gym when he is there. I know as he matures with HKA I can see he has a big future ahead of him.

Chris Cruickshank was back into the ring after 5/6 years away from the sport, Chris has only been with HKA a month or so, but again like all our members wanted to get into the ring and do us proud. It was a hard bout and although Chris was giving away 8 kgs, it didn’t faze him, after 3 rounds of battle the decision went the other way, Chris was disappointed in his performance, and this was a good starting point for getting back into the kickboxing scene and we look forward to improving his game.

Dan brown as always puts on a great show and 110% when he fights, Dan unbeaten in 3, stepped up his game and was matched against a man with a lot more bouts to his name. Both men giving their all fro 3 hard rounds of action, in the third round an started to settle down, composed himself finding his range and stopping his man with a great body kicking securing the fight. Dan is now unbeaten in 4 and looks to move up soon to the Full contact world.

Annabel Turner after having 5 years away from competion wanted to have another bout, and I have to say this was one of the best, well controlled, Light contact matches I’ve ever watched at Battle of Kent” Both Ladies very controlled and respectful of power, it was great to see Annabel back in competition as we talked about it for along time, She was very nervous about getting back into the ring, but once the bell sounded this didn’t show, Annabel was very composed and controlled the match. Winning the bout and adding another win to the HKA teams scores.

Callum Helsdown, every bout he has, he gets better and better impressing more and more every time, Callum is always a little nervous and always builds it up in his head! normally beating himself rather than his fighter. As in the gym he is always on top form. Callum also having 2 fights in the day. The first was is best fight today, controlled, skilled, well timed, a perfect performance of kickboxing. The second bout however was against a very strong and talented TKO E boy that had beaten Callum last year. Callum very nervous was keen to get on with it and work his butt off! and that he did….. All 3 rounds where 100% both young lads flat out for the whole bout, at the final bell Callum just tipped it with the higher work rate and always on his front foot backing his man up.

I’m Really please for Callum this weekend, 2 fights 2 wins against 2 good talented lads, Callum always puts in 110% at the gym, I think he is there as much as me….. lol. Still only a young man, I look forward to him going to senior school and watching him as he grows into a world level fighter.

Overall 5 Fighters, 5 wins 1 loss and 1 draw, We really couldn’t of asked for more from the team, everyone done them self proud. Thanks to the family and friends that come along as always and support the team and give up their weekends to spent in a hot and sweaty hall….. 😉 see you at the gym this evening.

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