Sittingbourne in Kent


Another busy day with some fantastic bouts today. This time in Sittingbourne in Kent.

Layton glover sims, after fighting last weekend is back into the ring hungry for more, with each fight Layton improves very every bout, The first 30 seconds was and even match up, but as Layton found his range and started to settle down picking his shots with great control, catching his man with a great jab cross round house, stopping him with a perfect placed body shot, the other lad not able to continue. Layton adds another win to his record.

Dan Brown had his hardest fight to date, after winning 4 fights back to back his opponents are getting harder and harder, Dan didn’t feel great this morning but stepped in the ring ready to work his hardest. 3 tough rounds, both men hitting hard and fast, at the final bell it was so close it was deemed a draw, both men had to go for a 4th round where again it was anyones bout. Dan although in control (just) didn’t throw enough kicks, and the decision went the other way. Im so proud of Dan, he always trains 110%, has a nearly floor-less record. Now with some good wins under his belt he will now move onto Full contact next month where I’m sure he will continue his positive path.

Callum Helsdown has really starting to shine and find his feet this year, after a few tough bouts last year, Callum took a few months out, worked hard on improving his sparring game and changing his mind set ready for competition. This short time off really has made the difference to his fighting ability, yet again Callum and 2 bouts today, the first fight was against a strong and skilled boy that already has won a few titles, in a close fight Callum won the bout fair and square, an hour later Callum was back in the ring again against a strong young man that was there for battle. Another tough bout and both lads wanted to win but at the end of the fight Callums hand was raised up high. This is now 4 fights with 4 wins in 7 days for Callum. Extremely proud of the transformation he has come through and i’m very excited to see an older stronger and dangerous young man.

I say this every week, but I’m so proud of the team, training 5/6 days a week, spend their weekends out all day at shows, helping support each other and working as a team, In my mind the Team are the strongest they have ever been and as always look forward to the next show that comes along.

For more details on trains at Hastings Kickboxing Academy please feel free to get in contact with Jenny on 07977 045180 or visit today.


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