25 of the 3rd Hastings Scout Group, Came along to HKA for the evening to try their hand at Kickboxing and self defence last week.

For just over an hour they trained non stop with the advanced team, After a quick warm up, we quickly went into the basic skill sets of stance and guard, followed by punching and kicking, Once they had all mastered that we moved onto pads and then into some controlled sparring with the Fight team. All members receiving a level one Kickboxing certificate in basic Kickboxing.

Everyone had a great time and I hope to see some of you guys back soon.

Thanks to the HKA team as always for being,  Friendly, helpful, Understanding, helping coach 25 of the 3rd Scout group, the young nutters….

Thanks to the Louise Homewood and 3rd Hastings Scout Group for coming over to have their first introduction into the world of Kickboxing.
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