What an evening for HKA.


Hastings kickboxing traveled up to Grays in Essex for Cyclone 4.  


First up for HKA was Aaron Bowen. What a start to his fight carrier, only been Kickboxing 5/6 months and to be fair the first 4 months have been bumpy.  4 weeks ago we was offered and perfect match and with a fast fight camp we got there, A great and strong performance, all 3 rounds in control and dominated the fight, The other fighter took some great shots and kept Aaron working for the first 2 rounds, In the 3rd the ref asked us to lighten up due to some damage to the other lads nose, using round 3 to learn and continue his development as a fighter!  This is just the start of a great new weapon to the team.


Nick Lelliott , Back into the ring for the first time this year, A stellar performance for all 3 rounds, Its not often you see 6/7/8 spins kicks in a Full con Fight, again we have worked hard with Nick to change his game a little, a very neat and tidy bout, composed for the whole thing, and I now feel we are starting to see the difference, Win number 2 of the evening for HKA. 


Gorgeous George French, after taking his first loss against Strong Jay in an area Title fight mid last year, we went back to the beginning and started again! He went on to win the IKF opens in November. Some more tweaking was needed, In a rematch with the strong Shaba’s, from Pegasus gym, We knew it would be a war! and for 5 rounds the lads battled hard, G man threw everything he had, in a close fight, Shaba’s the aggressor, But George was out kicking him in every round, There were some brilliant moment’s in this bout for both lads but after the 5th and final bell, George was crowned the ISKA -70kg southern Area champion.


I want to finish by saying, how………. Super proud of the HKA Fight team I am!

3 fights 3 wins last night, So far this year that 6 wins, 1 lose, including 2 titles back to the gym. This year we have changed the training, work outs and timetable a little to help out the team in every aspect of their sessions, I really believe its making a difference, I know its hard and I know at times we maybe tough, BUT look at the stats above and they speak for themselves…


For more details on training with the team at HKA, Contact Carl on 07949221946 or book a free trail lesson at

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