HKA Grading 2017


Hastings Kickboxing had it largest grading last weekend, with some massive improvements and the hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed and the result have show this.  This is now only the second time we have seen some of the Tots move up a group and grade which was lovely to see. Head coach Jenny said  “They start with us from the age of 3 years old and Its real y nice to watch the youngster start to flourish in the martial art carrier”


Passing their grades where:


RED: 29

Nikki Coward – Red

Holly Bradshaw – Red

Leyah Yahya – Red

George Harbert – Red

Josephine Milne – Red

Ellis Barlow – Red

Sophie Cutting – Red

James Hyland – Red

Paige Hyland – Red

Destiny Gosling – Red

Darcey West – Red

Jade Brett – Red

Louis Kelly – Red

Jessy Small – Red

Kitty Keast – Red

Neya Corbett – Red

Henry Baldwin – Red

Rhys Lawrence – Red

Arwyn Keast – Red

Charlie Brock – Red

Joe McSweeney – Red

Hector Nelson Smith – Red

Mollie Podmore – Red

John Wood – Red

Tamas Csibrik – Red

Ethan Hylan – Red

William Bingham – Red

Charlie Gent – Red

Keisha Lee – Red



Drew Rogers – Yellow

Maddie Ellis – Yellow

BillyJoe Fitzgerald – Yellow

Harvey Hutchison – Yellow

Daniel Brown – Yellow

Riley Davis – Yellow

Ceris Collins – Yellow

Mollie Matten- Yellow

Jesse James Matten – Yellow

Alex Sherry – Yellow

Jake Willard – Red and Yellow

Fynley Shorter – Yellow

Jayden Greenhow – Yellow

Lilly Greenhow – Yellow

Chrissy Helsdown – Yellow

Ewan McKenzie – Yellow

Sara McKenzie – Yellow

Amanda Martin – Yellow

Jake Houston – Yellow

Tayla Ranson – Yellow




Finn Baker – Orange

Aaron Tomlin – Orange

Harris McKenzie – Orange

Lily Fitzgerald – Orange

Lollie Hanna – Orange

Lottie Mead – Orange

Gloria Blurton – Orange

Jake Gent – Orange




Alex Miller – Green

Skye Standivan – Green

Bailey Morgan – Green

Lily Martin – Green

Henry Winchester – Green



Richie Davis – Purple

Leyton Glover-Sims – Purple



Instructor Carl Denne would like to thank everyone who tried so hard! so all the hard work and effort put in over the past few weeks/months has been rewarded!

Hastings Kickboxing Academy train Brook way on Ivy house lane, every evening Monday to Saturday and currently works with 6 schools locally. Come up and see the Kickboxing experts on how we can help you out today. Please contact Carl on 07949 221946 for more information, or visit our new site at

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