Gillingham Battle Of Kent – October 2008


Seven amateur Kickboxers from Hastings Kickboxing Academy (HKA) travelled to Gillingham on Sunday 5th October for their first semi contact fight . Amy Campbell, Ian Jarvis, Ollie Hancock, Mark Briton, Dave Brady, Stuart Bentley and Chris Tambett put on a fantastic performance in front of over 300 spectators at Club 442 in the Kent town.

First in the ring was Mark Brition, who, with a badly damaged shoulder , managed a good draw to start the day . Also pulling out a draw was Dave Brady as well as Ollie Hancock who put in a hard defence against his competitor with strong kicks to his opponents stomach .

HKA’s Ian Jarvis came in with the first win of the day against Gillingham’s Ricky Hughes, with his strong stance and great technique leading to a strong side kick straight to his opponents face right on the last bell.

Although a novice fighter, Amy Campbell was matched with an experienced opponent in her bout, and despite gaining control in the 3rd round lost out.

Chris Tambeh and Stuart Bentley secured their first wins for the club, with Bentley claiming victory despite a 10’’ height difference . With some Strong front kicks he kept his opponent , Martin Ritter away, putting in a final slip and roll to secure the points needed for victory.

Hastings Kickboxing Academy Chief Instructor Carl Denne adds “All the team from HMA trained hard for the fight, and their perseverance really paid off. I’m extremely proud of the way they performed, and I know that they represented the great martial arts scene we have here in Hastings to the best of thier ability”.

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