HKA Member steps it up a gear


Having trained with HKA for over 10 years and being devoted to charity work, HKA member Ian Jarvis once again steps up to the plate for his next instalment of charity work, a gruelling 1540 mile bike.

“Not one to turn down a challenge or doing my bit for charity, this seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity” says Ian. “This is the sort of story you can tell in many years to come and people are still amazed to hear about”

“I’ve always enjoyed doing charity work and have completed numerous marathons, half marathons, bike rides and other events such as a row-a-thon and the infamous Hellrunner to try and raise money for people with disabilities and raising awareness of various illnesses”. Ian recently completed the Sussex marathon and the Hastings Half as additional training.

“I love to push myself and see what I’m capable of, I never thought I’d manage a 5k run let alone a half marathon but once achieved it was a case of looking for the next thing to do. When someone mentioned the prospect of cycling from Pompey to Pomepii, I found myself eager to sign on the dotted line and start looking into what’s required.  It’s a tough ride, taking in 1540 miles in only 3 weeks, the route cover some of the Tour de France as well as a 50 mile climb through the Alps” says Ian.

If you wish to help Ian out, you can donate online: All donations large and small are very welcome!

We at HKA wish Ian all the very best of luck!

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