The IKF International championships


The IKF International championships, Lordswood in Kent.

Callum Helsdown was up first and this was his first BIG event we have put him into, after wining his last 4 on the trot… His first fighter was sick and was unable to fight so Callum was in to the final against a Tough local boy from Bexhill. Although heavier, taller and older. Callum didn’t let this bother him and tried his hardest. Really proud of this trooper, over the last year he has come on leaps and bounds and is a totally different person! Wasn’t his neatest perfomace as he struggled to match the other lads size, after a slip even getting hit while sitting on the canvas he didn’t rise to it and carried on till the end.
Next up George French, First fight was a great battle both lads throwing leather, catching each other with great shots, as they started the second round George started to find his range and took over control of the fight and went on to win the bout and moving onto the finals.
In the Final matched against another Local talented lad, we knew we would be up for a test. So after a small game change, George was a lot more controlled and on target with his shots for this one, Landing some incredible kicks, including some perfectly timed sweeps and spinning kicks, Alan battled on and made George work for the win, but at he final bell George was crowned the IKF -70kg English champion. Over the last year George has had a great string of bouts only losing to Jay le metric in a title shot a few months back, This was his next big test, he is now back to training hard and working on the weak points ready for the challenge that arise for next year.

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