Trilogy has arrived


So after 2 wars the trilogy had arrived………

Dan Wright Vs Jam Chase Robinson were up for a southern area title, and yet again they didn’t disappoint us, over 5 rounds. The first 2 bouts very close Jam winning the first, unable to split the judges in the second, over 5 rounds for the belt made the difference, We worked extremely hard over the last 8 weeks in a fight camp preparing Dan for this bout, the extra road work and small tweaks in game plan worked, Jam known as a strong fighter tried to bring Dan into a war, this time Dan managed to keep his head and stick to the basic’s and slowly chipped away, although occasionally getting dragged in, reset most times and went back to the simple drills and for me won us the title. Jam a great warrior and I’m sure will be back very soon, Thanks for the entertainment and banter over the last 6 months it’s been fun.

Both lads clearly wanted the win and gave 110% when it came to touching gloves, but yet at the final bell both men respectful and humble. But this time Dan takes the win and The IKF Southern area belt.

Nathan Smith had a great fight against Matt Geere from locks in another southern area match up, A great fight that I feel Nathan had control over, was throwing the more effective shots BUT its kickboxing wasn’t throwing enough kicks, Matt used his range perfectly and made it hard work for Nath to get inside, this time it didn’t go our way.

Well done everyone last night their where some cracking bouts, Owen Evans as always threw down with a big finish, Tom P and Kyle P had an amazing battle that had everyone on their feet, Tina Harvey won another world title. (Although not how she wanted to finish off) Jess Roper was impressive as always, Marlon Gillett fighting a giant although didn’t win NEVER gave up and had heart of a warrior, Sarah Worsfold it a war from the gods The best I’ve ever seen from her, Liam Wells with a Street fighter Tiger Knee that would of leveled as small block of flats, AWESOME.
Thanks to Colin Payne for another great fight card.

Thanks to the 30+ crowd that came up to support the lads, along with the other local teams who supported our team, you were heard and it really helps the team.16938840_10212304987884642_4775405688508042802_n 16998867_10212304988044646_6047509728230476770_n 16903560_10212304987804640_1062870844508327651_o 16806838_10212304988644661_5367339817672625295_n 16991663_10212304988084647_4079857546959561158_o

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